DIY: Beaded Tassel Curtain Tie Back

Styling our back porch was huge on my list of TO-DO’s this summer. We spend SO much time out there and I wanted it to be a secondary living space for the kiddos to veg on a Saturday morning and my husband and I to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day. 

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Earlier this past spring I designed a floor-plan for our back porch and purchased furniture, curtains, and a small amount of decor for the space. After the basics were in I decided to DIY the finishing touches. First I painted a few terra-cotta pots to house my new plant babies. I then created a plant stand out of an old tomato cage. Finally I spray painted a few old crates and turned them into end tables. If you want to see how I did these projects head over to my blog!

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The porch was feeling fairly complete except for one minor issue. Despite adding magnetic weights, on a windy day the curtains I had installed were blowing like crazy. Im sure the problem could have been solved by adding more weights, but in true Haute House Love fashion I decided to DIY a simple solution instead.

Materials Needed: Click HERE for my full supply list

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Drill

Before making the tassels you will want to install your ring hooks. I installed mine 42” from the floor but the height could vary 2-3 inches either way. 

To make the tassel follow these steps:

Step 1: Cut an 18-24” strip of jute twine and insert it into the front cover a hard covered book that’s approximately 5” in width.

Step 2: With the end of the twine roll lined up with the binding of the book, hold the end in place and wrap the twins around the book 20-30 times or until you reach your desired tassel thickness.

Step 3: Scoot the original cut of jute to the open end of the book and tie a knot around the top of the tassel.

Step 4: Slide the bunched jute off of the book and use scissors to make an even cut through the jute bunch on the opposite end. 

Step 5: Cut an additional 18-24” strip of jute twine and wrap it around the top portion of the bunch. Tie off the ends and hide the knot in the center of the tassel. **Side Note – Once the tassel is formed you will want to bunch all of the loose ends evenly and trim them so they are the same length.**

After the tassel is complete its time to add beads to the long jute pieces at the top. I played around with a variety of patterns until I figured out the one I liked the best.

When you are finished adding your beads tie one end of jute to one of your mini carabiners. (pictured below.) I found a figure 8(ish) style knot to be the best method because I could tuck the loose end into the top bead to hide it.

Attach the other end of the jute to the ring hook that you previously installed behind your curtain using the same slip knot method.

Thats it, friends! Just a few materials and about an hour of time and you will have a good handful of beaded tassel tie backs to beautify your blow away curtains! Of course, they would be a beautiful addition to your inside decor as well. Enjoy!

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